Manicure Services

At The Beauty Room, we use tried and tested OPI polishes for all of our manicures.
OPI is a well-known, well-loved brand who produce excellent quality
nail polishes in an evergrowing colour palette.

Due to certain finishes taking a little extra time & product
we do have to make an additional charge for these
services. Please request these at the time of booking
so we can ensure sufficient time is allocated to your appointment.

Gel Manicure (Duration: 45 Minutes)


Our best-selling gel manicure is a super shy gel which can last up to 3 weeks. The polishes we use are 100% gel solvent free, so they stop the nails from drying out, they’re hardwearing, chip resistant and dry immediately. No more scuffed polish or ruined manicures. Also, extra easy to remove with absolutely zero damage to the natural nail.

Classic Manicure (Duration: 45 Minutes)


Having a regular manicure can help you achieve beautiful nails naturally. This treatment includes hand and nail consultation, nail soak, nail file, cuticle tidy, hand massage and a polish of your choice. The polish should be touch dry in approximately 15 minutes but will take up to an hour to be completely dry.

Prescription Manicure (Duration: 45 Minutes)


This is the perfect manicure for clients who really want to improve the overall condition of their natural nail. We use the nail envy strengthening range from OPI. The nails are filed and shaped, fingers soaked in a warm oil finger bath, cuticles attended to, hand cream and nail oil applied and finishing with a Nail Envy treatment of your choice, shiny, matt, or delicate pink.

File and Polish Hands (Duration: 15 Minutes)


A quick file and reshape of the nails, followed by a polish of your choice from our extension OPI infinite shine range.

Mini Manicure (Duration: 45 Minutes)


Our mini manicure is the perfect treat for some of our younger clients. This package is designed for under 16’s. We file the nails, tidy the cuticles, apply some hand cream and finish with a polish of your choice from our extensive OPI infinite shine range.

French Polish Finish


If you’re looking for something a little more understated and classic, why not add a french manicure? The classic pink nail bed and white tip, we also have several variations of this to ensure we have something to suit all skin tones.

Chrome Effect Nails

£1.00 per nail

Chrome effect nails are the very latest nail trends. Some of our clients prefer to just have one or two nails chromed, generally the ring finger, while others prefer to get a full set of chromed nails. Chrome nails are statement nails at their best. This effect can only be successfully achieved overplayed on an OPI gel manicure.

Glitter Dust Nails

£1.00 per nail

Glitter powder can be added on top of any colour OPI gel manicure, this provides more depth and a fabulous glittery finish. We have glitter dust available in 12 different colours. Ask for more details.