Body Treatments

At The Beauty Room, we offer a wide range of
body treatments. We offer a range of massages and
exfoliating and cleansing treatments.

Back Cleansing Treatment (Duration: 60 Minutes)


A facial for the back, deeply cleansing with a relaxing steam treatment, combining exfoliation and mask therapy to help clear up blemishes and acne on the back, whilst being wonderfully relaxing and soothing.

Full Body Exfoliation (Duration: 75 Minutes)


Using natural dead sea salts and a blend of essential aromatherapy oils especially selected for you, we will make you a salt scrub, this is then massaged into the body to exfoliate and clean the skin, we follow this by massaging into the skin a rich shea butter moisturiser to leave the skin silky smooth.

Dry Feet Treat (Duration: 45 Minutes)


This is pure luxury for your feet, we start with a lovely warm foot soak with essential oils added to soften the feet then the feet and lower leg are treated to a dead sea salt scrub mixed with oils of your choice, this is then followed by paraffin wax mask and finally a leg and foot massage with shea butter cream. Your feet will feel amazing, soft and smooth and you will leave feeling completely relaxed.

Hopi Ear Candles (Duration: 45 Minutes)


An ancient indian treatment to help relieve pressure in the ears, soften and loosen ear wax and is said to help to relieve sinus symptoms, this lovely holistic treatment is totally relaxing as you lay in a candle light room whilst the hopi candles are placed one at a time in each ear and allowed to burn down. This is then followed by a lymphatic drainage massage to the face and neck.

Aromatherapy Massage

Our massage is a lovely, relaxing and  very gentle massage using a blend of pure essential aromatherapy oils for relaxation and to de-stress you.

Back, Neck and Shoulder (Duration: 30 Minutes)

Full Body Massage (Duration: 60 Minutes)



Massage with Charlotte Egen

Our massage therapist, Charlotte Egen is an ITEC qualified therapist and fully insured by the CTHA. Her massage treatments include; pregnancy massage, holistic massage, and deep tissue massage.

Hot Stone Massage (Duration: 75 Minutes)


47 hot stones used to massage the body, the heat from the stones works deeply within the muscles to relieve tension and stress. A great warming winter treat!