Eye Treatments

Using the industry leading eyelash extensions, Nouveau Lash.
Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a discreet,
long-lasting system that delivers thicker, longer & more
luscious lashes that can last for up to four weeks.

The procedure is totally painless and there’s no discomfort
afterwards. The synthetic lashes bare a close
resemblance to natural lashes and can last until the lashes
begin to fall out naturally and painlessly.

Lash Extensions: Full Set / Half Set / Infills

£65 / £45 / £30

Aftercare Instructions: Your new eyelashes extensions will always last the longest when very little is done to them, but here are few options to help keep them in tip-top condition.

Try to avoid using oily make-up remover as this can dissolve the glue used to attach the lashes. Do not pick at, pull or twist the lash extensions, this can cause damage to your natural lashes. Do not apply mascara or any products to your lashes for the first 24 hours and do not let them get wet for the first 24 hours.

LVL Lashes/Lash Perm (Duration: 60 Minutes)


The very latest in lash perming, this treatment actually lifts the lashes giving the appearance of a more open and bright eyed look. This treatment also includes a complimentary lash tint to further enhance the eyes.

Lash Tint (Duration: 30 Minutes)


Choose between blue/black, black, brown/black or brown to tint the eyelashes. Great for clients not wanting to wear mascara, and a must before a holiday.

Brow Tidy (Duration: 10 Minutes)


This treatment is for clients that maintain and shape in their brows. Using a combination of wax and tweezers, we tidy the brow line and keep the shape sharp and defined.

Brow Shape (Duration: 15 Minutes)


For brows that need a reshape. We will discuss the natural shape of your eyebrows and advise how best to shape. Then, using a combination of wax and tweezers, we shape the brow line to give a more sharp and defined finish.

Brow Tint (Duration: 10 Minutes)


For even more definition to the brows, a tint can be added. This is ideal to cover up grey hairs and to give a fuller appearance to the brows.

Brow Tint & Tidy (Duration: 15 Minutes)


To maintain perfectly groomed eyebrows, the brows are both tidied using a combination of tweezers and wax, then tinted to the clients chosen colour.

Brow Tint & Shape (Duration: 15 Minutes)


To achieve that perfect designer brow look; the browser are shaped to make the most of your natural features and then tinted to further enhance the eyes.