Waxing offers a safe & effective method of
removing unwanted facial and body hair, lasting
between 3 and 6 weeks. It gives better results
than shaving or using creams.

Through waxing, over a period of time your
hairs will appear finer and easier to remove.

Facial Waxing

Lip Wax – £10
Chin Wax – £10
Lip/Chin Wax – £15
Face (Jaw, Lip and Chin) – £18

Body Waxing

Full Leg / ¾ Leg / ½ Leg – £25 / £20 / £18
Back Leg Top Wax – £10
Underarm Wax – £14
Forearm – £16
Full Arm – £20

Standard Bikini Line / High Leg Bikini / Brazillian Bikini

£15.00 / £17.50 / £20.00

Bikini waxing is a very specialised area of waxing and you can rest assured that you are always in the very best of hands here at the Beauty Room. We have years of experience and the very highest levels of training in all things bikini to include both normal and intimate bikini waxing services. We’re always happy to talk through any concerns you may have.

Hot Waxing

Hot wax is ideal for both underarm and bikini waxing. Prior notification is required if this wax is to be used as treatment time is considerably longer, this is reflected in the pricing.

Bikini Line Standard
High Leg Bikini Line
Brazillian Bikini
Bollywood Bikini
Hollywood Bikini


Male Waxing

The Beauty Room is pleased to offer waxing treatments for our male clientele. At the moment, we offer back, chest and arm waxing to our male clients; intimate waxing is unavailable.

Back Wax
Chest Wax
Back and Chest Wax
Full Arm Wax


Bikini Waxing Explained

We always get lots of questions from clients about bikini waxing; what are the different names about? Also what are the different types of wax used? Will I be embarrassed? Will it hurt?

Let us give you The Beauty Rooms comprehensive guide to all things bikini waxing.

  • Different Types of Bikini Waxing

    Standard Bikini

    This is a bikini wax along the line of a standard brief, removing all the hair growing outside the line and along the top of the leg and underneath. We also tidy the top of the bikini area, and if you have any stray hairs on the tummy we remove these too. This waxing can be done with either warm wax or hot wax. Warm wax being the preferred option for most clients.

    Half Way Bikini

    Also known as the high leg, this waxing service is taking the line higher, half way between a standard bikini wax and a Brazilian, so if you should be wearing a high leg brief or swimsuit you can rest assured you will have no unsightly hairs showing. This waxing can be done with either warm wax or hot wax. Warm wax being the preferred option for most clients.

    Brazilian Bikini

    This wax removes more of the hairs leaving just a small patch on the top, usually just a small strip and removes most of the hairs underneath, leaving just the hairs in the more intimate areas of the body. You can choose between warm wax and hot wax, although warm wax is the preferred option.

    Bollywood wax

    This bikini will remove even more hair than the Brazilian, leaving just a small patch or strip at the top but removing all of the hairs underneath, including the hairs in the more intimate are. Both warm wax and hot wax are used in this treatment

    Hollywood Bikini

    This is the bikini wax of all bikini waxes, this is everything off, and we mean everything !!!  A favourite with the celebrities and rapidly becoming our most popular bikini wax. Both hot and warm wax are used in this treatment

  • Different Types of Waxing

    Warm wax

    This is the traditional wax used in salons, it is heated in a wax pot and applied to the skin with a spatula covering the hair needing removing and feels warm on application, a gauss strip is then placed over the wax, and removed in a sharp pulling motion, taking off both the wax and the hairs with it. It is very quick and extremely effective. To prevent bruising of the skin the skin must be pulled tight on application and removal of wax.

    Hot Wax

    This wax is more suitable for sensitive skin, skin that bruises easily and more intimate areas of the body where the skin cannot be held taught and tight, making it ideal for Bollywood and Hollywood waxing. The wax is heated and as the name would imply it is slightly hotter than the warm wax and has to be this temperature to be effective. The wax is applied directly to the skin in small patches where the hairs need removing from, the wax then drys to a solid consistency and this piece of wax when hard enough is removed in a sharp pulling motion taking off both the wax and hairs underneath.This wax takes longer as you have to wait after each application for the strip to set before you can remove it.

  • Will I be Embarrassed?

    At The Beauty Room, we do bikini wax treatments for clients of different shapes, sizes and ages each and every day. We pride ourselves on being very professional in our bikini waxing services and we can assure you that during our bikini waxing treatments, you are never fully exposed; we always have a modesty towel in place. The areas on show are the areas that we’re working on that time. We always do our best to make you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible.

  • Will it Hurt?

    We never lie to our clients. Yes, there will be a certain amount of discomfort when having a bikini wax, particularly when removing the hairs in more intimate areas. However, it’s never as bad as you think it will be. Our therapists have several years of experience in all things bikini, so you can be assured that you’re in the safest hands. We will do whatever we can to ensure that your treatment is as painless as possible. If you’re concerned, you could always try taking a paracetamol about an hour before you come in, many of our clients swear by this.